The toffee from 29th Street Toffee is amazing!  It is the toffee that I hide from the kids, who at this point would not fully appreciate this salty, sweet, savory bit of perfection!  29th Street Toffee not just candy, it is candy good enough for grown ups. 

-Anna G. -Beaverton, OR

Every year in preparation for the holidays I'd look through catalogue after catalogue hoping to find something that felt personal but would please everyone of my clients and business contacts. I received Christine's toffee as a gift and loved it!  So it was such an easy decision to make her amazing toffee my go-to client gift --I use it for my introduction meetings, my thank you gifts, my holiday appreciation gifts--it's perfect!   The thing that makes it the best (besides how yummy it is--really just try some) is that you get to so something good.  Part of the proceeds go to a camp for special needs children.  I feel as if I am making a difference just by giving someone toffee.

-Laura M. - Los Angeles, CA

29th Street Toffee makes the perfect gifts for clients during the holiday season and on other special occasion.   The toffee is absolutely incredible and your clients will always remember you when they enjoy this delicious treat.

- Marjorie Hendricks, Hendricks Co, Brentwood, CA

I have personally found that giving the gift of 29th Street Toffee has become my perfect “go to” gift.  It’s great for clients, business associates, friends, or family.   The owners have done a beautiful job designing the packaging, and the toffee seems to last forever.  The one pound box is the perfect size, but larger boxes can also be made up in any quantity!  The best part is that donations from sales are made directly to Camp I.D.E.A.S.

-Elaine M. - Cleveland, OH

 I find it hard to believe that there is a better tasting toffee on the planet.  Incredible!

 - Jeff A. – Atlanta, GA

  This is absolutely the most delicious toffee that we have ever tasted, and a favorite with all of our family members! The beautiful packaging makes it an ideal gift for special occasions & holidays, as well as a perfect host/hostess gift. 

- Bette & Gerald - Oxford, MS

To say this is just the best toffee would be a disservice to the owners of 29th Street Toffee.  Not only is the toffee amazing, the owners of 29th Street Toffee put so much thought into the packaging that I'm able to send it to my clients and prospects and they love it.  To the pros at 29th Street Toffee, keep up the good work and thanks!

- Patrick M.  – Santa Monica, CA